Big Australia

Build Australia into the nation it potentially could be, taking it into the twenty first century on the back of growth. If you can work, Australia wants you. Refugees need us, and we need them. We will facilitate this country’s ability to produce product that the world wants.


Australia’s intake of refugees made Australia what it is today. Immigrants make Australia great. By bringing cultures from around the world that will welcome product back into their original countries we will facilitate this trade that Australia potentially can produce. If it is good and fresh the world with consume it. Lets make the Australian continent work for the nation. We have the country to produce products, that will make the Australia Great!  


Creating growth by producing raw product that comes from the land is our goal for the future. The challenge of climate change warming of the planet that is releasing water through the melting of the ice caps has the potential of changing one of the driest continents, Australia, into a flourishing food basket for the world. This is what the Australian continent has been waiting for. Now is the time to produce product, be it fruits, vegetables or value added resources. Australia’s intake of refugees made Australia what it is today, we must continue the intake of refugees to produce product utilising wilful people fleeing conflict. We want to work the country we live on, to produce ecologically and productively goods to trade with the world.  We want to make Australia the powerhouse of the world. We have the exiting talent today that wants to be involved in Australia. As a continent we must build a country of many Nations that have always existed. Towns that are dwindling have infrastructure to build from, offering industries base to rejuvenate or build from. Lets build a strong Country. Let’s work productively as a team to build Australia.  

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