A New Future, A New Constitution.


The Australian Government’s desire to give recognition of Indigenous peoples in the Australian constitution is a welcoming admission that our constitution is flawed and needs change.


The principles of democracy are, that all citizens being equal before the law, and having equal access to legislative processes.  When the Australian Constitution was being drafted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were excluded from the discussions concerning the creation of a new nation to be situated on their ancestral lands and territories. The Australian Constitution also expressly discriminated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Australian Constitution did not – and still does not – make adequate provision for Australia’s first peoples, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This error by the founders of our democracy, which created a social state that is racist and inequitable, is unacceptable and the ongoing exclusion of Aboriginal people in the public debate relating to their own affairs is linked to a life expectancy many years shorter for Aboriginal people than other Australian’s.

 Our beliefs;

Since time immemorial when the land now known as Australia was created, the Original people have inhabited this land.

The Spirit of Australia acknowledges the Original People of the land now known as Australia as being the Sovereign Tribal Original People of this continent, and it’s Islands, therefore being custodians of this land and wish to apply their wisdom to today’s Australia for the benefit and preservation of all.

We envisage an independant Australia that is Environmetally protected, Socially just and based on modern thinking.

We beleive in power by the people for the people in a revolutionary democratic system called Open Democracy which allows all Australians to have a say on policy. High speed rail, not a tram for Canberra. 


Our strong belief is that the Australian Constitution must be completely rewritten by the People, for the People and set us on a course into a Peaceful, Sustainable & Truly Democratic 21st century.


This issue is of such great importance, here and now, at the beginning of the Twenty First Century, for growth of this nation in the future. Our present politicians are unable to take the lead on this subject, so we ask them to establish a referendum asking all Australians the question: '"What do you want for our future?'"


Can we have a truly democratic modern constitution to govern our society? We believe the answer is YES and have developed a system called Open Democracy, we believe that this system can produce an Equal, Just and Sustainable Society for millenniums to come. 


We wish to initiate a constitutional working group that represents all Australian’s to write a New and Modern, Australian Constitution, needed, to create a truly democratic society. This should include consultations with all (Ab) Original Nations and acknowledge the different Aboriginal cultures of Australia. Australia must acknowledge that it’s Original Inhabitants have always been the Custodians of this Continent and know how to care for its environments and landscapes. The outcome of the working group will be a new modern constitution that can be put to a referendum, to create true democracy for all in Australia.


Petition for Australian Constitutional Change

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