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Spirit of Australia Party is a vehicle to carry the peoples voice to eradicate corruption lies and greed from our Parliament. Federal politicians claimed almost $49 million in expenses over the first half of 2016. Now do we think we are getting value for money? This is tax payers money. It's time to mature as a nation and unite in a common purpose of setting a sustainable and prosperous trajectory for the 21st century by changing the corrupt system we are living under. It's time for change.


We envisage an independent Australia that is environmentally climate protected, socially just, and based on modern sustainable thinking and practices for our future safety and prosperity.


We believe in empowering the people to say, enough is enough, lets have the truth, lets open the discussion, lets allows all Australian's to have a say, steer the course of Australia’s future, that is prosperous, multicultural, protecting land for all Australians future, and children to come. We must be sustainable, protecting our place in the world, influencing world discussion, developing into a proud nation.   

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Our Focus 

Becoming a republic by writing a new Australian Constitution, installing a truly democratic system of government for the people, restructuring Australian's economy, social justice for all Australians, and incorporating the wisdom of our original people into our national development.

We need 500 SIGNED UP MEMBERS to stand up for Democracy at the next Australian elections that must be held between August 2018 and May 2019!

Structures for participatory democracy

The Spirit of Australia Party's goal is to establish the structures for participatory democracy in Australia and to expand and refine the methods by which this can be achieved. The past ten years Australia has had seven Prime Ministers, $444 million gone to Great Barrier Reef Foundation with no checks and balances. We must stop the rot, this is tax payers money.


One of our objectives is to be an advocate for Australian Constitutional reform guided by principles of conscience, equity and integrity, to creating a sustainable society for all Australians.


We reject the notion that government should swing from one party to another and believe that cross party determination must be utilised in government to conglomerate the best aspects and talents of each political party to the benefit of all Australians with supreme authority resting within the will of the Australian people. We believe that the continual evolution of democracy and education will create a better system of governance that is truly representative of the will of the people.

This party's registration is pending on the submission of documents with the Electoral Commission. That is why we need you as a member to gain the numbers required to be eligible for registration.

Conscience, equity and concern for the future are our guiding principles. 

In the


Scott Morrison voted: 8 times to cut penalty rates, 10 times to give the big banks a $17 billion tax cut, 26 times to block banking royal commission.
If Scott Morrison is the answer what on earth was the question?
Link Big four bank

Turnbull lobbies PM to refer Peter Dutton to high court over eligibility

Read al about it in the Guardian

Australian politicians
silent on Donald Trump's threats

Does this influence ANZUS? Haven't they, our Politicians, got a duty of Care for the Australian public? Time to close Pine Gap, in protest of America's potential unlawful behaviour.

The objectives shall be:

4.0 to enable the legal, social and political emancipation of the Aboriginal societies of Australia, advocating for the transition from property law into custodial law for world preservation for time eternal. 

4.1 to guide Australian Constitutional reform, based on, equity and integrity to creating a sustainable society for all Australians;

4.2 to install a Bill of Rights into the Australian Constitution that includes rights recognised under the UN Human Rights conventions, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR); International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR); International Covenant on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD); and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP); 

4.3 to have a society with constant employment at award wages, available to all willing and able to work; 

4.4 to have a society that provide social provision for the aged, the invalid, the widowed, the sick, the unemployed and their children; 

4.5 to have a society in which adequate medical services are within the reach of all;

4.6 to have a society with a comprehensive system of child and adult education available to all, regardless of wealth or privilege; 

4.7 to have a society with a defence force respectful of all countries sovereign rights, for the benefit peace and justices.  

4.8 to sc

4.9 to have a Nation where primary, secondary and tertiary industries are promoted; new and adequate markets developed, the lot of country people improved, rural amenities increased, and to advocate for the decentralisation of industries where beneficial Nationally; 

4.10 to promote and assist other individuals, organisations and community networks in working for the object of the Spirit of Australia Party;

4.11 to provide mutual support for members to fulfil their own potential;

4.12 to do all such other things as may be considered desirable for the lawful and proper attainment of these objects;

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